X NIHILO is constantly looking for ways to become more sustainable and reduce our environmental impact while keeping our customers need in mind.

Brighton Tote bags with model and the AirRobe slogan. Both X NIHILO and AirRobe logos on display

We decided to start 2022 with our best foot forward by partnering with AirRobe and offering you a game-changing way to shop. Re-sell, rent or recycle our fashion items with just one-click during purchase. So easy!
The fashion of today largely becomes the waste of tomorrow. 85% of clothing purchased ends up in landfill. AirRobe tackles this urgent problem through technological innovation. The AirRobe solution provides a new way to shop and easily extends the life of your purchases after you've worn and loved them.

Neo Grass with AirRobe toggle on button on displayNeo Chocolate with AirRobe toggle on button on display

When you shop with AirRobe partners, you are joining the Circular Fashion Movement and transforming one of the world's most polluting industries to a model for sustainability.

How does it work? Easy, in only 2 steps:



Fashion is the 2nd-most polluting industry, globally. Every second a garbage truck worth of clothing is thrown away. By sharing a fashion piece, we give it a longer life and reduce its carbon footprint.

By selling or wearing just one pre-owned fashion piece, you offset: