At X NIHILO we are constantly looking for new ways to offer our women the highest quality products while remaining mindful of our impact on the environment.

This year we are partnering with Rntr. to offer a rental service for your more short-term needs.
You will find the rental button option on select product pages, giving you the option to enjoy our beautiful bags at a lower price while ensuring each bag gets a longer and well loved life.
Each time you rent, you are actively reducing the number of beautiful garments and accessories that may unnecessarily end up in landfill. 

The service has been designed to give you more options at an accessible price with less unnecessary waste. 

Your wardrobe just got a whole lot lighter.

You can now choose between 8 of our styles to rent from by simply following
3 easy steps:





What is Rntr.

From browsing and buying for new pieces to re-wearing and recycling your well-loved ones, we’re all rethinking the way we interact with our wardrobes. It’s time brands step in and offer alternative services to suit your needs. Rntr. is the first clothing rental software that gives you access directly to your favourite brands. Our brand partners strive to do better for both their community and the planet. By making a substantial commitment to lower fashion waste while also continually refreshing our outfits, they can help on both ends.     

Sustainability Practice

Short-term rental models offer a compelling value proposition, particularly when taking changing consumer needs into consideration.

Circular Economy

We value accessibility over ownership so does our community, by centralising the garments we ensure the highest level of the care.Together with technology and community, we increase the utilisation and prolong the life cycle of each garment.When it comes to discarding the retired items we partner with experts and companies such as Blocktexx to ensure that each garment is entered back into the loop and gets reused again.    

Eco Packaging

Our mailer bags and boxes are made from previously used material products and renewable plant-based materials and/or bio-polymers.

As most of our packaging is returning to our HQ we can ensure the best environment for composting. We make sure that our packaging  has a built-in second (and possibly third, fourth, etc.) use.

Every package sent to the renter is also used as return packaging to maximise the benefit of the reusable material and that we can recycle, reuse or compost them properly.