A Chat with Jenny Hsieh, Founder of X NIHILO

When we were interviewing women of influence for our current YOU campaign, it was mentioned in X NIHILO HQ that our dear #bosslady Jenny should have a feature – and no one disagreed! Every day we witness the hard work and dedication Jenny puts into X NIHILO. The brand is her baby and she is always so smiley and positive – you would never know that she doesn’t get any sleep!

It is an honour to be a part of a company that stands for a greater purpose to inspire and empower. Jenny is an impressive leader with the ability to share her vision and drive for success with her staff, and she is the personification of a strong woman who knows what she wants.

This is Jenny’s story. 

Who YOU are 

“My name is Jenny Hsieh, the founder and CEO of X NIHILO. I am a passionate businesswoman, a designer, mother to my staff, gym junkie and your bag lady.”

What YOU do

“It is hard to pinpoint exactly what I do when I run my own business because I do a bit of everything! I am involved in all aspects of X NIHILO from design, development, negotiation, PR, marketing, sales, creative direction, finance – and even down to QC, cleaning, dish washing and packing the beautiful bags made with love that you receive from your mailman!”

Why YOU do it

“I do what I do because I wanted to create a culture that evokes my idea of strength, beauty, and independence to inspire women through my designs. I aspire to be the voice for women with a strong identity and come from a generation with the desire to express individuality.”

 How YOU started

“The name X NIHILO basically summarises how I started the business. X NIHILO is short for ex nihilo, a Latin phrase that means “creation out of nothing”. I was driving home after finishing the last day of my previous full-time job and I had an epiphany moment and decided to follow my heart to pursue my long-term dream. I started working on X NIHILO the very next day!”

Who YOU look up to

“I find inspiration from everything and everyone I meet. But women that truly inspire me are the ones that built their success from caring for, helping and inspiring others.

Recently, I had the honour to meet and interview several women of influence. Janine Allis, founder of Boost Juice was one of those women and I was so inspired by her story and the strength that comes through in the way she conducts herself as a businesswoman.  I was very lucky to have the opportunity to seek to advise from her and you can head to our blog to read our exclusive interview with Janine - I’m sure you will be inspired too!”

What’s YOUr final message

“Follow your passion and success will follow. I believe there are two ways to see the world - some people see things they want, and some people see things that prevent them from getting what they want. My advice is to go after what you want because there is nothing worse than regret.”

Working for Jenny doesn’t feel like work at all. At X NIHILO we are one big family working towards one big goal – to grow X NIHILO into a thriving business. Jenny is truly an inspirational #bosslady – her work ethic is second to none and we all consider her to be not only a boss but also a mentor and friend.

Head to our blog to be inspired by women of influence and the story of their success.


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