For a solid chunk of 2016, “millennial pink”, the modish tint had overtaken our lives. By the following fall, it had moved on to the “blaze orange” which was anointed the colour of “fear, warnings and the artificial”. Four years later, we are of course, still angry, with the pandemic and uncertainties happening all around the world.

In X NIHILO’s collection 8, we draw inspirations and search for what is the colour going to look like in a post-pandemic world? The colour we thought to reassure people and comfort them - Sky Blue.

Sky blue is a peaceful, calming colour. According to colour psychology, blue is associated with trustworthiness and reliability. Blue promotes feelings of tranquillity. Its gentle appearance provides restful and balanced impression.

Drawing the same concept and elements from our “Change between the Chains” collection and created the new silhouettes – here we present you

Presence of Mind – Collection 8