X NIHILO - Number 55 handbag

Indulge in the irresistible allure of our latest masterpiece, the "Law of Attraction" collection by X NIHILO. This collection isn't merely a set of leather bags; it's a manifestation of your desires, a celebration of the beauty that draws you in.

X NIHILO - Number 5 Handbag TaupeX NIHILO - Number 5 Handbag Charcoal

Each bag in this enchanting collection is meticulously crafted to embody the very essence of attraction. Picture designs that effortlessly blend classic elegance with contemporary charisma, making every piece a work of art that beckons admiration.

X NIHILO - Pillow Bag BiscuitX NIHILO - Pillow Bag Walnut

 The "Law of Attraction" is embodied through textures that beg to be touched, colors that invite admiration, and forms that command attention.

X NIHILO - Number 2 Crossbody Bag Juniper Green
X NIHILO - Number 2 Crossbody Bag French PinkX NIHILO - Number 2 Crossbody Bag Taupe & Ivory White

From the chic and minimalist styles that exude effortless magnetism to the daringly bold designs that harness the power of attraction, this collection showcases the belief that what you seek is also seeking you. 

X NIHILO - Brioche Handbag BlackX NIHILO - Brioche Handbag Walnut

As you carry these exquisite leather companions, you'll effortlessly draw in compliments, admiration, and even envious glances.

X NIHILO - Lune Modern Saddle Bag Windsor TanX NIHILO - Lune Modern Saddle Bag Black

In the "Law of Attraction" collection, we've captured the very essence of beauty and magnetism, so you can carry your desires with you wherever you go. Experience the magic of attraction with X NIHILO, where style, sophistication, and desire converge in every stitch and detail

X NIHILO - City Bumbag Black & Dark Green
X NIHILO - Collection XIV
Photographer: @karensong_
Director: @_chinih16
Stylist: @monamovassi
Model: @sophiepatrece
Clothing: @cashmerism & @lindsaynicholasnewyork
Shoes: @eosfootwear
Location: @didianddora