X NIHILO Collection V



X NIHILO acknowledges the constant need to give and receive inspirations as part of our brand mortar assisting us finding oneself – identifying the community but at the same time retaining the very essence of individualism.


The “Make it Count” collection - most exclusive experience to date. We ask the users to experience the carryology of X NIHILO with a personalised quote that inspires you, a quote you would like to be reminded of - carrying it with pride and positivity and as a constant reminder of your goals – Intentionally making everything you do count.


In collaboration with renown calligraphy artist Joanna Chia from Quirky By Design, whose clients include Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Mont Blanc, and Facebook, the customised service will be available throughout the entire X NIHILO product range.


“Don’t give something 5 minutes if you’re not willing to give it 5 years”


Jenny Hsieh
Founder of X NIHILO