In the midst of an overloaded and chaotic life, finding balance can feel delicate and almost precarious. On a journey to achieve balance in our lives, X NIHILO embraces the direction of digital fashion and innovation through the exploration of three-dimensional still life. Through the depiction of juxtaposing elements, methods of self-care are explored to find balance.
3D detailed composition of two mini leather bucket shape crossbody bags, gunmetal and lime colors, creating an imbalance with day-to-day regular objects


    Soleste Continental
    Through half movements and the exploration of antithesis, this campaign explores our struggle in finding a balanced physical and mental state. Often perceived as an indulgence, the current portrayal of self-care can often make us feel guilty for focusing on ourselves and practicing self-care.



    Collection IX_serene

    But in reality, it’s making the commitment to stay healthy and balanced as a regular practice, where discipline comes into play. Self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation. Finding the time to focus on yourself and introduce a routine of self-care requires a deep and personal mindfulness of your priorities.





    Fluid and personal, balance can be seen as a journey of self growth. Coming from the centre of acceptance, balance is achieved by accepting that life isn’t perfect and taking the time to do what makes your soul truly happy. It becomes a journey of finding the feeling of being whole and complete. By giving yourself the same time and energy as you give to others, we can discover the sense of a truly balanced and harmonious life.

    3D artistic approach of The Last Supper with different genuine leather X NIHILO bags creating a chaos composition with regular items and forgotten food

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