What currency are the prices displayed in? 

The prices should be displayed in one of the below currencies according to the location you are browsing the  site from. However, this might not be the case if you are using a VPN, or your internet service are registered in.  You may also select the currency you would like the prices to be displayed in from the top right corner of our  website. We do apologise that not all currencies are available on display at this point.  

The currency display app auto updates from the worldwide currency database to bring you the most current  currency exchange information. 

Available currency display: AUD, GBP, USD, SGD, JPY, TWD, THB, HKD, RUB 

What currency will my order be charged in? 

The final check out amount will be charged in Australian dollars. International charges may apply depending on  your bank provider. Exchange rate may vary accordingly as each bank uses their own currency exchange  system but the difference from what we see on our website will be very minimal. 

Does the display price include tax? 

The prices displayed are excluding custom tax as regulations vary from country to country.  

Should you have any additional questions or request regarding this matter, please kindly contact us  at hello@xnihilo.com.au or simply click on the “Live Chat” bubble located at the bottom right corner of our  website. One of our friendly customer service team member will be able to assist you. 

Where are your leathers from? 

Our leathers are sourced from Portugal, Brazil, South Africa depending on which style it is. All our leathers are  ethically sourced and are made from cow leathers that are by-products of the meat industry. For more information, please visit the About Us page. 

Where are your bags produced? 

Our bags are made from a reputable supplier from China. Our bags are made in a studio environment rather  than production line to ensure we monitor the quality carefully at every stage. In addition to working closely  with our suppliers to develop beautiful and quality products, we ensure the workers are well looked after in an  ethical working condition with fair wage and treatment. The working conditions are exceptionally clean and  well organised. Shoe socks are being worn in the buildings, and good lighting and air conditioning are  provided. 

90% of the employees are female, and the suppliers corporate social responsibilities and culture are in-line  with the X NIHILO brand message which creates the perfect business alignment. We love our supplier because  not only do they comply with these common standards, but they go above and beyond taking care of their  employees. The goal is not just about being fair but really investing and building the team and to  develop careers within the company. For more information, please visit the About Us page.

How do you ensure the quality of your bags? 

At X NIHILO, we work closely and directly with our suppliers and makers daily with the advantages of language,  cultural understanding, and close geographical location to ensure we are monitoring every process of bringing  each product from development, sourcing, production, and fulfilment. 

All the sourcing is conducted personally and on location by the company director; communicating, directing,  

and developing customised trims, hardware, and leathers, filtered by the ethical, environmental, and social  responsibility criteria. 

We are committed to always operating with integrity, credibility, and accountability both internally with each  other and externally with our business partners. We focus on enhancing the overall customer experience by fulfilling quality expectations, enriching consumer experience with our product and services. For more  information, please visit the About Us page.