Dream Xmas Gift Guide

We can't contain our excitement for Christmas! And, undoubtedly, you can't separate Christmas from gift giving! Have you thought about what to gift your loved ones yet?  

Luckily, X NIHILO's bags are the PERFECT idea. So, if you are early Christmas shopping (or if you just want to treat yourself), we have perfect gift options for you!


Eight mini tan bag

is perfect for the ladies that love a practical yet stylish statement piece. Ideal for work and everyday life, the Eight will be attached to you. 
Our Eight also has a little sister, the Eight Mini (also available in tan) for all the boss ladies on the run! 



Ernest bag | Eight mini tan bag

Ernest means happiness and what better time than Christmas to spread joy.  Catering for every occasion, this bag is perfect for all your outings during the holiday period, and will be sure to make you your happiest! 


Bank grey bag

Our work bestie, the Bank bag is another excellent gift that is needed in everyone's bag collection! This bag means business and has a spacious interior making it the perfect accessory to take on your work endeavours. 


Hardy bag

For all the fashion lovers who love to make a statement, the Hardy is the one! Luxurious and trendy with the addition of the bold chain and matte metal hardware, she certainly has the wow factor.  

 So why wait any longer? Spoil your loved ones with gifts from us! Gift cards are also available.

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Heaps of love,

The X team



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