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At X NIHILO, we work closely and directly with our suppliers and makers on a daily basis with the advantages of language, cultural understanding and, close geographical location to ensure we are monitoring every process of bringing each product from development, sourcing, production and, fulfilment. 

We ensure adherence to our quality craftsmanship in four features - leather, stitching, hardware and edge inking.

All leathers used are the by-product of the meat industry.

At X NIHILO, we take our leather seriously. Exceptional quality leather underlines the principle of all our designs. Natural unevenness gives our bags individual character, which makes the grain and colour of each bag unique and unrepeatable. It is one of the characteristics of the very best leathers, along with suppleness and a minimal amount of dye, allowing leather to breathe. Leathers used on X NIHILO bags are soft but strong, and unlike any synthetic materials, they last.

Even and refined stitching completes superior construction.
The thread used for X NIHILO bags has excellent dimensional stability and will not be affected by different climates. A high quality bag with superior construction should have even-sized stitching, and the stitches should run along the seams in a straight line. The seams should not have loose strings and the thread along the inner and outer seams of the bag should be a consistent colour.


Premium finishing with high quality custom plated metal.

X NIHILO bags only use high quality custom plated metal hardware. This heavy metal will feel solid in your hand, and it will ensure your bag can handle the grunts of daily use for years to come.

Hand printed edge inking creates seamless appearance.
At X NIHILO, we understand the importance of finishing leather edges well (except for those that are left raw for the look). Edge inking is a process where a cut edge seam (as opposed to a folded seam) has been 'finished' to give it a smooth feel, a seamless appearance, and a defined edge.
The inking of X NIHILO bags is done by hand by inking artisans, and creates an appearance where the joints are not visible between the two leather panels. This will prevent the edges of your leather bags from fraying due to repeated friction, as well as giving the bag an overall luxurious finish.
Each of our product pages include a detailed shot of the bag. These show the quality of our leather, hardware and craftsmanship. You be the judge.


Find our quality statement here > https://xnihilo.com.au/pages/about-us

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