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Igniting our unfound love for colour and fearless designs, Andean Collection is our new found #friendsofxnihilo.

A truly unique and talented team of designers and artisans, Andean Collection have designed and produced a brand embracing the beauty of culture and tradition. Collectively pulling inspiration from the traditions of Peruvian, Romanian, Taiwanese and Australian cultures, we see this collaboration as a perfect match to share what we love most about the Australian fashion community; where collaboration is at the heart of sharing and creating.

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If you’re an all time follower of X NIHILO, you would be familiar with our hero design, the Eight bag. But for our new X NIHILO friends, the Eight bag is designed for the modern woman; made for practicality and quality. Recently winning the 2021 Good Design Australia Award, our DNA forever bag, features a captivating contrast of structure and fluidity; perfect for any minimalist’s wardrobe.

Highlighting the essence of Australian culture and spirit, Andean shares a true love for our people and the planet. With their rich colour palettes, it’s no wonder why we’ve been sucked into the empowering abilities of colour. Inspired by our #friendsofxnihilo, we are thrilled to introduce you to our new micro version of the signature Eight bag. A brighter, bolder and minier version of the Eight bag, these new colours will be your new wardrobe staple!

With a shared focus on slow fashion and striving to create a future where fashion supports a thriving planet; it comes from this common ethos of empowering women, where we felt a collaboration would be a perfect opportunity to pay an ode to the strong women that inspire us.

Working predominantly with strong women, designers from both labels share a rich and profound understanding of the traditions and values of their heritage. Highlighting what we believe in; the importance of surrounding yourself with those who inspire you and push you outside your comfort zone. We believe in order to grow and continue to inspire, you should always surround yourself with people who are better than you.

Designed in the beautiful coastal town of Byron Bay, we now get to live our X NIHILO lives vicariously through our friends in Byron; soaking up the sunshine, spectacular beaches and vibrant community spirits. It comes after yet another difficult year of long-distances that we truly believe in the importance of reconnecting with your friends and family, and showing appreciation.

What is a more perfect way to show appreciation for those around you, then gifting them a brand new piece for their wardrobe! One can never feel a lack of empowerment when carrying or wearing a bold piece. You’re basically carrying an inspiring brand ethos with you along your day. We strive to continue to share and connect with like-minded and inspiring people; those who inspire and influence us to take risks and embrace the unknown.

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Your clothing is fabulous!

Patti Lovecky January 12, 2022

Love my eight mini bag!

Vivian January 12, 2022

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