Happy International Women's day lovelies!

First of all, the X team would like to wish you all a happy International Women’s day! What better way to celebrate all the ladies in the world than to reflect on the women who inspire us everyday? To make the most of this special day, we asked our staff at the X office to share their thoughts on the topic. The results were pretty impressive yet unexpected.
Fashion is one industry in which women dominate and thrive on achieving monumental success. Whether it's for their creative flair, and serious eye for business, or their philanthropic ways, they have to be resilient and goal oriented. While brainstorming the core of what actually inspires us in other women, we found that most of our lady crashes were just typical women who strived to see the big picture changed.
Being an inspirational woman isn’t about what type of job you have, but about your values and aspirations. Who made the top of our list? Women, who have chipped away the stereotypes, changed the way we see the world and achieved their success through hard work and determination.
There's no one better we can pick to start off the countdown other than Janine Allis. A kick-ass lady who experienced major success. She is a boss lady and a mother of four, she's an inspirational overachiever with wisdom so real, it sends chills down your spine. Much has been said and written about Janine Allis. She's one of Australia's most celebrated entrepreneurs and role models, with accolades and achievement that reads like a rap sheet. She is an adventurer at heart; travelling the world as a young Aussie backpacker in the 80s and working as a camp counsellor in San Francisco to a Stewardess of David Bowie’s yacht.
The mother of four attributes her success to hard work, commitment and passion for pursuing her goals. Her dedication has seen her business grow from humble beginnings at her kitchen table to an international success story. We find her passion for people inspiring; it’s one of the qualities that took her brand and career to the next level.
There are countless women who provide us with inspiration on a daily basis. Our latest obsession is human rights attorney Amal Clooney.
She is beautiful, intelligent and kind but what makes her a strong competitor is her drive and passion. Got to admit – we have a little bit of a crush on this powerhouse. She’s not only an amazing role model striving for justice, fairness and welfare for people all around the world but she is also one hell of a fashion icon. You might know her as the semi new wife of George Clooney, but most know Amal for her latest achievement on establishing the “Amal Clooney Scholarship”, providing Lebanese women the opportunity for higher education at the United World College in Armenia. She’s truly one of a kind.

Finally we need to mention one of the most important fashion icons of today. Ashley Graham. She’s a model that changed the notion of what a bikini ready body should look like. Her determination and hard work inspires others with positivity that leads them to finding their own inspiration form within. Ashley didn’t stick to the pre existing rules and boundaries, she created her own. What we find mostly inspiring about Ashley is her leadership qualities and goals of helping others see their beauty.

There are so many amazing women doing extraordinary things. It’s impossible to narrow down our inspirations to only these three ladies. ‘To be inspired, first you need to be open minded so you are able to identify and analyse these inspiring qualities and find a path that works for you” – Jenny Hsieh, founder of X Nihilo.
So regardless of what industry you're in, this line-up of extraordinary women is something to celebrate this International Women's Day. So let’s use today to thank the women that inspire us for giving us the motivation to become better and stronger. Women that show us that the world can be anything you want it to be. There are no rules and boundaries; the only limitation is your own imagination.

Lots of love, 
The X team

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