How to style Eight Mini Black with @missy_elz

Eight Mini Black is a little sister of our Eight bag. But mini by name does not mean mini by nature! It is your everyday best friend by easily matching with casual to professional looks. We've rounded up five stying tips for Eight Mini Black with personal shopping expert, Stacie @missy_elz !

Classic and chic leather jacket never goes wrong! It is a staple in any well-rounded closet. A leather jacket paired with the Eight Mini Black transitions effortlessly from season to season without the need for expensive upkeep and magically makes you look like you put 100% more effort into your outfit than you did. Finish the look off with some leather boots and hats to be on point. 

 The black and white combination is both the easiest and the most timeless colour pairing for your daily outfits! There is no end to the ways you can wear this combo without you having to break a sweat by combing your wardrobe for other colours to match. Complete the style with sunglasses and jewellery to elevate your look.  

If you like to try something new, say yes to the dress! Pattern dress is the easiest way to create a striking look. Eight Mini Black goes well with any pattern of dress based on its Match with a black hat or shoes to balance within outfits.

The Eight Mini Black is the ultimate choice to avoid any winter boredom. Keep it simple but highlight your bag and shoes! Simply dress with a pair of black chunky boots or heels for colour match.

Oversized blazers are the perfect light layer to make it through fall in stylish comfort for business casual with Eight Mini Black. It is effortless and chic, and when it comes to options, there are tons. Matching colourful blazer with denim always makes for a casual yet trend-forward look.

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