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Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.

Today, fashion bloggers all around the world far and wide are influencing and creating trends. Yet Kirsten Anderton has been able to stand out against other peers in the fashion blogging industry and that’s why she is our blogger of the month.
Kirsten Anderton is from Melbourne, Australia and started her blog ‘The Fashion Faddist’ when she was a primary school teacher and blogging was an outlet to express her creativity and style. She is now a full-time fashion influencer and is currently studying custom-made footwear at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Kirsten has collaborated with the likes of Mini Cooper, Paramount Pictures, Vogue, Mimco and Marks & Spencer, bringing her fresh style to some incredible influencer campaigns.
Since then her blog ‘The Fashion Faddist’ and social media have continued to grow and expand as its popularity has ascended among fashion individuals. The Fashion Faddist encompasses several categories in style, travel and beauty and brings her audience exceptional, minimalistic fashion outfits and inspo.
Image via @kirstenanderton
Kirsten describes herself as a tomboy and woman of minimalism, who prefers choosing colour palettes with cool tones of grey, white and black – sometimes with a pop of colour. Her incredible sense of fashion, time and effort is consistently inspiring her followers with her minimalist monochromatic fashion. Kirsten also creates beautiful lifestyle flat lays with an edgy and feminine vibe that includes tables, accessories, beauty and interior inspo.
If you need help picking out the right outfit for an occasion, you will benefit from Kirsten’s fashion expertise. She will inspire and teach you how to create an outfit that makes you look and feel beautiful as you are.
@kirstenanderton wearing X NIHILO Debby Croc
‘The Fashion Faddist’ is one of our favourite blogs to read, follow her on fashion blog and Instagram.
Instagram:  @kirstenanderton

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