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As classic & subtle luxury is the core of all our designs, who says men can't carry X NIHILO bags? Regardless of gender, bags don't become less practical because of your gender, but it also helps when it looks nice. It's a no-brainer, a collaboration of simple utilitarian design, functionality, and practicality, we're embracing the gender norm from these iconic men styling our X NIHILO bags.


@VICTOR_7SY with Bank Black

Victor is a famous fashion stylist in Taiwan. He matched our Bank Black with casual black and white outfits and we absolutely love them! Previously, men’s bags were worn mostly as left hands-free, but now handbags and shoulder bags, styled and worn exactly as women do. As seen with Victor's Bank Black, crossbody shoulder bags are becoming more acceptable in men’s wardrobes.

@KEVINPETERWILSON with Chaser & Brighton Black

Kevin is a creative collaborator from Dallas who pursues minimalism and quality in fashion. He has matched the Chaser and Brighton Black with simple yet sleek shirts to complete the subtle look. Little Chaser is just perfect for men's essentials, Brighton Black, on the other hand, has become his go-to business bag. 

@DIMDA_ with Stella & handle strap

You don’t have to look overdressed to sport a sizable clutch traditionally associated with women’s fashion. Dimda who is a well-known fashion designer that uses vintage garments for his creations from Japan wore our Stella clutch with his unique genderless outfits.

@KENNYFORTALEZA with Eight Mini Tan & Shoulder Strap

Kenny shows average-asian-guy-wearing-bags looks based in Melbourne. His styling is special yet helpful for daily inspiration for every bag lover! He doubled up comfort by matching Eight mini Tan with the shoulder strap. 





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