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It’s the first week of September, one of those weeks that makes a few hearts beat a little faster and feel the magic in the air... at least to some of us it feels that way, and for some it’s like Rhianna's song; work work work work work. It's a month of celebrations, fancy after parties, celebrities walking the streets and long lines to the best coffee shops in the CBD. This is the week that most fashionistas see as a raw inspiration and an insight to the newest fashion trends of this summer.

We have been biting our tongues for a few weeks, it has happened and we are extremely proud parents! Our Debby clutch & Eight Mini in tan have made their debut at MFW garage runway I, featuring womenswear. We went to see them perform in style and catch a few flirtatious looks from the audience, it was well worth it because now not only do we have the most wanted spring essentials, but also a full report as to what you have missed from the MFW as well.

If you haven't stepped into the spotlight during MFW, don’t worry there are still some amazing exhibitions to see and movies to watch!

We have gone above and beyond this year to give you our take on what we loved and what caught our radar throughout the most exciting event of the year. We saw everything from high end runways, emerging designers, fashion student showcases to some of the most interesting events that ditched the traditional runway setting altogether and opted for the Lord Mayor’s very own personal carpark. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.
So what are the new must haves and inspirations for the summer months ahead of us? Well it starts off simple and feminine with hair in plaits and low-key buns that are feminine, creative, and inherently Melbourne. Small leather goods, red trench coats and colour are making a return, with looks with clashing colours taking inspirations mostly from the international fashion houses.

Photo courtesy: @ullajohnson

Before we push you into the deep end of what’s what, let us introduce you to the colour bible, your new cheat sheet for spring & summer. The good news? it's all about uplifting, feel-good shades ladies!

As we get closer to summer yellows, lime and cherry tomatoes will be the dominant colours in fashion and interior design. However, if you are not a fan of the sunny shades, warm scale of pinks, lavenders and baby blues are also a prominent option.
There is a subtle option too, for those of you who do want to make a move towards statement pieces, more subtle tones to go for include shades of grey's, warm sands and coconut milk.
Buckle up ladies, Let us take you on a trip back in time to 1985 and once again experience the fiery hues, power suit vibes and effortless femininity - and what made our  ‘must have’ list for the summer.  

Megan Park’s design became our highlight - we are absolutely obsessed with these colours!

Bright and fiery hues - 80’s vibes and power suits - For all you lady bosses!

Frills -  Absolutely loved the soft feel of the collections! Sheer fabrics added femininity & effortless beauty.

Sleeves are making a comeback in every form, size and shape!

Stay tuned for our NY | London | Paris | Milan FW reviews! 
Happy Shopping xx

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