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Our mirror Eight & Eight Mini are NOW available to shop! After so much buzz was created at the VAMFF earlier in the year, whilst displaying our prototype eight mini in gold, we had no choice but to make it happen. Because ladies where there is a demand there is a way!

We were amazed with the amount of positive feedback and requests we have received. This was our time to shine bright (literally) and take our business on a journey it hasn't been on before, vegan leather. Previously we have received a huge number of customers asking for a vegan product, so we thought… there is no better time than now, when vegan is the new black.

With the fashion world changing so rapidly, almost everyday celebrates a birth of a new ‘IT’ piece. We wanted to create something that represents what we stand for, however also something that brings that extra ‘it girl’ vibe into our limited edition collection and your wardrobe. It’s not something we have done before, and at first it was terrifyingly exciting.

The Eight & Mini still have the same nature as the original designs available in black & tan. Eight is the ultimate utility bag. Versatility and functionality is key elements of this beauty. It can be worn in many different ways, and it will even fit a 13” laptop!  

This substantial piece has black lined interior with card and phone pockets for those of you who love compartments. This shiny piece of heaven is sure to turn heads and will be your statement piece and a great investments for years to come.

If you are following us on social media you have probably seen a few sneak peaks already, picture can be worth a thousand words they say, but in this case…. These babies are so much more amazing in real life!

Happy shopping !!

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