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It is always refreshing to meet like-minded people who you can share your ideas and experiences with. It is no different when Kiri (founder of AMPERNA® skincare) and I found each other through Instagram and connected instantly (I’m a bag lady who is also a skincare junky – guilty!!!).

During our late night/weekend emails exchanging thoughts and admiring each others talent, dedication and passion for what we do, the idea of sharing this with you guys came as a natural progression. 

 And better yet, we’ve decided to do a collaborative giveaway for our audiences too! So keep reading as we introduce our new #friendsofxnihilo and how you could win this giveaway prize pack valued at $555.00 AUD – so keep reading!

How did you find out about X NIHILO and become #friendsofxnihilo?

Kiri: I found out about X NIHILO in my fashion blogging days. Some of my favourite influencers we carrying your bags and it was a dream of mine to work with you one day. Here we are today working together – dreams really can come true!

What is your favourite X NIHILO arm candy and why? 

Kiri: Well that is easy! The Eight Mini in Black. It is such a great classic staple with an interesting twist, the silhouette is just a little bit edgy. A bag like this becomes timeless.

We understand starting a business is no easy job. What sparks you to create AMPERNA®?

Kiri: I am in business to help people and my skin health journey inspired me to start the brand.

I have always had sensitive skin, this was also a problem when I suffered acne as a teenager. I couldn’t use most acne products on the market because they were too strong for my skin. I looked after my father when he was ill when I was 30, and the stress and medication I took caused some pretty severe complications. 

One of the side effects was severe pustular acne and I was offered antibiotics and strong topicals because my skin was really quite bad and I was in pain. I didn’t like the idea of that. I wasn’t getting the holistic help I needed from professionals; in fact there is a huge gap in the medical system in Australia I feel. More doctors and dermatologists should be listening and helping skin issues in a holistic way - using diet, supplements, exercise, stress relief etc.

When I was recovering I decided that I needed to review my whole lifestyle, taking a holistic approach to my health. I started researching diets and a healthy lifestyle. I went through the process of cutting out everything I shouldn’t be eating and reassessing everything that I was using on my skin. Going through the process of identifying certain triggers to my skin problems and helping myself took two years. There was definitely a gut health link to my skin health and I later put this concept into AMPERNA®.

After 5 years in R&D AMPERNA® launched in February, 2018. Since then we have helped so many people and won three awards. I really get excited when I get emails from people we have helped.

You mentioned that you were an influencer before starting AMPERNA®. Has your experience as an influencer helped your AMPERNA® journey and how?

Kiri: I have been a fashion blogger and worked with quite a few brands in Australia and overseas. I was doing well and creating some amazing content but had to cut that short while I looked after my dad. When I was well enough after my own health issues, I started to track my progress to health. It started as a sort of diary offline and then I decided to take it online and leave an edit of articles up that I felt people would be interested in. 

I feel that both of these experiences and the fact that I have been a social media manager for FMCG brands as well as a social media teacher has definitely helped me when running AMPERNA® Social Channels. Nothing can really prepare you for running your own brand until you do it however this experience, the fact that I have studied design and photography plus all my other skills have helped I think.

We love your simple and yet effective skincare products. Can you share some of your key brand values with us?

Kiri: AMPERNA® is about providing sincere, practical solutions to help people feel comfortable in their own skin. 

We are

* Australian made and owned
* Cruelty-free and vegan 
* Free from harmful ingredients and chemicals
* Tested on real people in the real world 
* R&D and science-backed
* Active probiotic skincare pioneers
* Award-winning


X NIHILO x AMPERNA® Giveaway competition

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