Our bucket list for Lunar New Year

The Earth Dog Year is just around the corner; you ask ‘what to do for this spectacular holiday? Well, we have got all the answers! We are going to let you in on a little secret or two, so that you can fully experience the extents of this magnificent holiday. Here are a little introduction to the brightest holiday in Melbourne.
Lunar New Year is one of the most anticipated events at the start of each year. This year’s Chinese New Year is a year of the Earth Dog. In Chinese astrology, each year is related to a Chinese zodiac animal according to the 12-year cycle.

What does that mean to the zodiac signs in power this year? Well, it seams like it’s a good time to revaluate and stir onto the astrologically correct path. Remember! If you are a dog, your lucky numbers are 3,4,9 lucky colours are red, green, and purple. In general the zodiac signs represented are people who are honest, loyal and kind. They are known to be born with a good nature – have a great year Earth Dogs!

The celebrations naturally start with New Year's Eve and end two weeks later with a stunning Lantern Festival that signifying the end of festivities. In Chinese culture, the lanterns are usually used to ward off bad luck. Every year cities around the world offers full cultural experience for locals and visitors, showcasing spectacular lighting installations, cultural performances, food experiences and activities designed to encourage people from diverse backgrounds to come together and celebrate.

The main event will take place in China Town. The New Year parade is something you need to see! It’s visually rich and also, can you really think of a better place to be? – Yeah I didn’t think so.
Parade & Festival
Chinese New Year 
Sunday 18 February 2018 | 10am - 10pm (provisional TBC)
China Town | Little Bourke Street
If you love those types of parades you will absolutely love the Dragon Awakening Ceremony. Dragons represent prosperity, good luck and good fortune. The event starts on February 16th on little Bourke street and it’s something you absolutely must see! This day also marks the greatest magical Fireworks Celebration at 9.45pm. Make sure that before February 18th you check out the Hawkers’ Bazaar on the Crown Riverwalk, it’s where you can enjoy food and trinket stalls that are out of this world – trust us, it's amazing!

If you love to eat – as much as we do then you need to know that Chinese considered dinner to be the most important event of the Lunar New Year. The New Year’s dinner is normally hosted at home where families reunite before the start of a New Year. Traditionally fish and dumplings are served as both dishes signify prosperity. Our picks of the best places to eat are at the Red Emperor or if you have a bit of spare cash check out the Eureka 89 for an Asian fusion dinner.

 There are some beautiful events happening all around Melbourne, Footscray, Box Hill, Springvale and Richmond. These communities are also throwing on additional karaoke competition, numerous stalls of culinary delights, arts and crafts, Chinese chess competitions, lion dances, and children's events.
Apart from cultural celebrations, Lunar New Year is also big on family traditions. Red envelopes containing money are traditionally given to children by their grandparents. As traditions go, the younger generation must give blessings to the older generation before receiving the envelope. 
So to celebrate this Earth Dog year, we invite you to test your luck with us!  Let’s celebrate this Lunar New Year in style ladies!
Happy New Year and Lucky shopping!
Lots of love,
The X Team.

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