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This week we’ve had the ultimate pleasure of sitting down the style enthusiast, fashion feen and #friendsofxnihilo – Vinny from @simple.blanc. She is best known for her elegant but edgy insta account where travel, beauty, high fashion, lifestyle, and our very own bags can be seen. As the title suggests, we wanted to learn more about Vinny “just because” we are obsessed with everything she does!

1. How would you describe your personal style?

I have always been seeking the fine balance between classic high fashion and edgy style. However, if I would describe my style in three words, they would be classic, clean and feminine.

2. What is your current favourite bag or bags and why?

 Celine classic box has always been my favourite with its minimalist and classic style that can go with any outfits. I also love my X NIHILO Eight mini tan for its unique and minimalist designs plus its flexibility and versatility of use that can be worn to many different occasions from a casual brunch date to an event or a party. The best thing about it is its roomy-ness that I usually take it with me when traveling.

3. What are the three things you carry at all times and why?

I always carry 3+ lipsticks because I need to have all options available. I feel I have the need to possibly change my lip colour for different mood and different occasions depending on the schedule of the day. Other than that, there are also lip primer and lip balms that are also my bag essentials.

Power bank is another thing I can’t live without as I always on my phone not only instagramming but also taking photos/videos, editing and making Instagram stories.

I also have to have a least one pair of sunglasses with me at all times to protect my eyes from the UV rays of the sun and they are one of my favourite fashion accessories for looking good. 

4. What is the silliest thing you have ever carried in your bag?

I sometimes carry tissue papers or napkins from restaurants/cafes just in case I would urgently need them for a wipe or to use for cleaning.

Bags of love,
Jessi from the X team

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