4 Ways to wear Soleste Continental

Why would you only wear a bag one way, when it can be worn four different ways?! The Soleste Continental is our recent iteration of the OG Soleste bag, available in Khaki and Dark Brown. Read on to see this versatile bag’s many forms...

1. Crossbody

The obvious route for a bag of this pedigree, you can utilise the Soleste Continental’s full strap and wear it either crossbody or on your shoulder. Adjust the length according to your mood with the numerous buckle holes.

2. Hands-free

Soleste’s shoulder strap can be fully removed and inserted into the invisible loops at the back, transforming this bag into a belt bag. The strap has several buckle holes ensuring it can be tailored to fit all body shapes and types.

3. Do the loop

Double the straps to switch up the look and create a shoulder bag. Ideal if you prefer to wear your bags closer to your body and have all your essentials within as close reach as possible.

4. You’ve got a hold on me

Tuck the strap inside the bag and adjust the top handle length to suit. Hold the strap as a top handle, achieving a preppy and petite look.


Bags of Love x

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