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Art isn’t just an expression. It’s an emotion...a feeling. It’s the fiery passion you feel when you’re doing something you love. For our new #friendsofxnihilo Rebecca Wing Sze Lam, love is the central theme of everything she creates.

While Rebecca Wing Sze Lam doesn’t usually give insights about her pieces, rather lets the viewers make their own interpretations, this time she lets us explore her unique and complicated process. The beauty about art is that it follows no rules, it can be chaotic or peaceful, it can take months or minutes to complete.

For Rebecca, her creations are done only when the pen or paintbrush leaves the paper; drawing in one continuous line allows her to draw more loosely and thus, following her intuition. But in order to fully immerse herself with the piece and let her emotions flow, she covers her eyes; never seeing what she’s drawing until it’s finished.

Jenny Hsieh, the founder of X NIHILO, is no stranger to the art world herself. Her love and passion have not only lunged her Award Winning bag designs across the world but it has propelled her to create intricate and individual pieces through art. 

Whether it is watercolor on a canvas or acrylic on a leather bag, Jenny has an innate ability to convey her love for design. At X NIHILO we believe in pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone, in reaching those untouched feelings and facing them, creating something magical in its wake. True beauty only happens when one is able to conquer a challenge and grow to love it.

This collaboration is particularly special because through our #friendsofxnihilo Rebecca Wing Sze Lam we learn how to open ourselves creatively and let our hearts take over, inspiring X NIHILO to push outside the box and show our true passion for art.

“The focus of my pieces is never photographic resemblance but instead, simplifying the subject and allowing the viewer to make their own personal connections to each piece.

One Line Drawings are pieces that are heavily focused on stripping away the unnecessary complexity of the human face and body and simply using a single line to create intimate connections with the body and faces with one another. I enjoy the simplicity of the works I create and I believe beauty does not need to be overly complicated.”

- Rebecca Wing Sze Lam



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