Autumn Vibes

What a beautiful season Autumn is. The cool breeze through a park full of trees, where the leaves fall and land right in front of you. Autumn is prepping for Winter, but it’s the perfect season for long walks outside.

The colour palate of Autumn is pure bliss, orange leaves falling off brown trees. It the perfect time to bring out those lovely coats that have been locked away. Autumn is all about the deep cool tones, that’s your tans, browns, burgundy and grey.

Image via @shhtephs ft X NIHILO Eight Mini in Tan

But let’s reflect on Autumn fashion, it’s not hot enough to where shorts or t-shirts and not cold enough to cover yourself in tons of layers. No, Autumn is the perfect time to combine for summer and winter fashion together. That is wearing your favourite summer shirt under your favourite coat or jacket. Or pulling out all those cute knits you’ve been dying to wear. Pulling together an outfit which will allow you to cool down and warm up when dawn hits.

Image via @fashionismyfortee ft X NIHILO Bank in tan nappa leather

What is your favourite Autumn piece?

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