Bound to be Delicious

There is a saying here in the X NIHILO HQ,

“we want you to wear your own brand, not our logo”.

As part of the International Women’s Day celebration, we believe it is important to celebrate women around the world but as women, we often forget to celebrate ourselves.

The most rewarding aspect of starting X NIHILO and running my own business was the opportunity to meet amazing women around the world that inspires and shares the same value as us – empowerment.

I had the privilege to get to know Sarah through email and was instantly attracted to her positive vibe and confidence even just through written words and would love to put forward this amazing personality and share it with the X NIHILO women.

Sarah, owner of ABUNDELICIOUS and holistic nutritionist, wellness coach who also host international wellness retreats and frequent public speaker – I mean, can you add any more title to this list!

There are no borders with information and knowledge especially when it comes to good influences. That is why Sarah also works remotely with women everywhere and anywhere in the world which is very rare to find in the industry!

All the ladies around the world, anytime, any place is a good start.


“My approach as a holistic nutritionist is to help you find this happy place of eating the foods you enjoy, feeling satisfied, and being forever liberated from diets and deprivation.” Sarah Philip

 She works with her clients on empowering themselves and reconnecting with theie bodies through healthy recipes and promoting healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically. With this comes the message of prioritising their self-care and needs to a balanced life - who doesn't?


“I'm here to help you eat well and feel great!!!  My own journey with nutrition began years ago when I was experiencing a lot of anxiety, digestive issues, and the nearly impossible task of not falling fast asleep at 2:30pm each day.” Sarah Philip

Many of us wants to be more mindful in what they buy and want to find ways they can “treat” themselves and feel more confident. And as the voice behind X NIHILO, as much as we are a retailer, I don’t think any thing can make you feel confident and beautiful from within, but it definitely helps when you know you are in control of the decision you make and you want it to be a good one – meaningful.

Sarah has customised a program for the X NIHILO women looking to feel more empowered in what they eat and how they are for themselves – click here to view details.

Promotion: 15% off services

Expires: June 30th 2018 

Self-care is a long-term investment and Sarah provides helpful baby steps to achieve your goals and ways to combat some of your demons – cravings and anxiety – familiar much?
Head over to her website and social media platforms and start making a difference in your life – any time is a good start!
Heaps of love to you, you, you and you.
X NIHILO Founder

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