Blogger of the Month : Andy Csinger @andicsinger

It’s safe to say that Andy Csinger has one of the most inspirational stories we’ve ever heard. Recently sharing her story via Instagram, Andy reveals that her journey hasn’t always been easy. Prior to her being the Andy Csinger we know and love today, she started off as a cleaner and eventually worked her way up to being one of the most influential fashion bloggers on social media. While still working as a cleaner five years ago, she felt as though Instagram was a safe place to express herself and loved meeting other creatives. Her job today involves travelling the world with her husband Teo, who is the photographer behind her posts. Andy is living the life we all wish we had, travelling around the world for her job with her husband Teo. Sounds like the dream, doesn’t it?

Andy grew up in Slovakia and has quickly become a well-known influencer within a short six years. Andy started Instagram back in 2014 and her name skyrocketed, with quickly securing over 300k followers within three years, she now holds a deserving 700k followers. Her love for both fashion and travel has attracted a large following, she keeps her outfits relatable and reasonably priced so that it is possible for more of her followers to also purchase.

With her focusing more on basics and everyday womenswear, she gives hope to all the women out there that you can create a casual yet stylish outfit without relying on your looks. She’s a big believer in working with brands who represent her way of fashion, which involves always keeping it real. You know what else is real? Her tan! She has once told her followers that she doesn’t need to wear fake tan and she only has to go into the sun for five minutes to go olive. Well, I know I’m jealous!


If you are looking for some fresh new staple pieces to scroll through, then Andy Csinger is the fashion blogger for you, especially if your wardrobe is lacking some closet essentials! Don’t forget that Andy and Teo are always on the move and looking for their next destination to capture, which they also love sharing on Instagram. Travelling all around the world, you will find that most of their overseas pictures are from when they vacationed in Los Angeles, Italy and Croatia, and I don’t blame them, the pictures they capture of these places are mesmerizing, they make us want to be in the picture!

 Andy has previously styled our X NIHILO’S bags before, including our Bank and Eight mini bags, which she absolutely owned! We have loved following her journey so far, we can’t wait to see what Andy and Teo have next on their agenda. 

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