Personalisation – in narrative

“We encourage our customers to personalise their X NIHILO bags with a quote that inspires them or others or a constant reminder and carry with confidence.”

As the Director of X NIHILO, we have been requested to offer personalisation with our beautiful bags and leather product range. Confirming, personalisation has become very popular in all categories especially in accessories and I can’t help to think;

“How can we make this more exclusive and meaningful?”

How can we capture individual stories behind each personalisation?”

Without disappointment, we launched the personalisation in 2019 working with the talented Melbourne based calligraphy Artist: Azalea from @azalea_calligraphy, to deliver one of a kind and uniquely yours personalisation service exclusively on our online store.
The service received much support and came as a surprise, the stories behind each personalisation starts to unveil itself as customer emails started to flood in, expressing their excitement for the order they just placed and why – keep reading and you might just find the next inspiration/ motivation you need from the most unexpected!
Customer: Ms CS
Product: Shoulder strap black/ white
Personalisation text: You’re not too old and it’s not too late

Mother of two teenage boys going through a divorce. Everyone around her has been telling her, don’t do it, it is too late in your life to make this change. And yet, she still went ahead with it, motivating herself that is it not too late and she deserves to pursue the life she wants for the next 40 years of her life.

She wanted to carry this quote on her shoulders at all times to remind herself that she deserves it and a silent voice to others of how strong she can be.

Customer: Ai Lee Syarief @chopsueylee
Product: Hunter black/ white
Personalisation text: chopsueylee
What is the meaning of chopsueylee. Chop Suey is a Chinese style stir-fry dish loaded with lots of veggies! And it’s one of my favourite dishes”.
Chop Suey means mixed small bits. And yeah she is super mixed. My dad is Malaysian-Chinese, mum is Swiss-Italian and some French and her friends call meLee – and there is Chopsueylee for you.
This energised customer is a successful Lead Master Trainer and is trained in a lot of things to name a few; karate, kobudo, kungfu, boxing, kickboxing, MMA Krav Maga and Grappling. Ensure to check our her IG page and I’m sure you will develop a girl crush just as I have!
Influencer: Lisa Starchak @lisastarchak
Product: Chaser black/ white
Personalisation text: Everything begins with a dream
Miss Russia 2012 contestant, Influencer, newly wed and founder of jewellery label @soulsister_and_co.. From Russia and based… everywhere! This gorgeous and positive beauty did not let her career stop at being beautiful but following her dreams, combining dream, beauty and dream and made herself into a influencer with 100K+ following and still growing, and a jewellery label that is a true reflection of her and speaks to women worldwide. What can I say, “everything begins with a dream.”
Customer: Ms C
Product: Shoulder strap black/ white
Personalisation text: Keep me in your heart I’ll stay there forever
She had a close bond and relationship with her late father who she has kept in her heart ever since his absence. She wanted to carry him close to her wherever she goes and what better than a personalised X NIHILO shoulder strap – one and only.
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