Blogger of the Month : Michaela @figtny

Based in New York, Michaela has shared some of her favourite products that she has been loving during quarantine, which can be found in her #stayathome Instagram highlight. It boasts an array of content including recipes, skincare, interior decor, beauty, and of course, fashion!

FIGTNY has been featured on multiple websites as one of the top bloggers you must follow, and we can see why! FIGTNY, has a way of making her style relatable and for her followers to take inspiration from. Due to her versatility and fresh approach to fashion, her style is constantly trending, you can find her either pinned on multiple Pinterest boards or reposted numerous times on Tumblr.

With her refreshingly minimal style, Michaela Babuskova, commonly known as FIGTNY, loves to share her latest fashion looks, go-to products and current obsessions on her FIGTNY blog and Instagram account, which we both loves following. Originally well known for her monochromatic look, Michaela has been exploring a more neutral palette the past year when it comes to her style. It’s evident that she has recently been embracing a more comfortable, laid-back approach, particularly during the quarantine. In saying that, there’s no doubt Michaela still showcases herself dressing up in suits, silky pants and pairing her outfits with some rocking shoes.

Less is more? FIGTNY believes so! Michaela has stated in one of her interviews that her minimalistic approach to fashion was already engraved in her from a young age, as she found that growing up in Czechoslovakia, everything from fashion to lifestyle was simple and very minimal. No one focused on accessorizing their outfits. Comfort is a massive key factor for Michaela. She believes that you should dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable, empowered and how you feel in the moment.

“I also don’t ever like to feel constricted - I want to feel free. My number one consideration when getting dressed is; is it comfortable?” - Michaela for Primary New York 

People look at FIGTNY’s feed and want to imitate her style, she can make a tracksuit fashionable and trendy to wear out, that’s how influential her platform is. We have been following FIGTNY’s journey since 2017 and have loved watching her fashion transition, she definitely deserves to be recognized, considering she puts so much time and effort into her blog and social accounts to stay relevant with the times. 

You can tell Michaela gravitates towards volume in her outfits, she succeeds at exaggerating her look by adding layers and wearing oversized clothing. We have to say, it’s a definite yes from us here at X NIHILO. Michaela’s style has resonated with us since 2017, her aesthetic is similar to ours, in the sense of representing minimalism and a clean lifestyle.
FIGTNY has featured one of our X NIHILO bags on her blog and social media, as she has styled our Eight Black, Canvas and Milford Black bags - we appreciate Michaela’s support! We are excited to see what else FIGTNY has in store for her blog and Instagram fans. We’re staying in tune and we hope you are too!
You can find her at and @figtny on Instagram!

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