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A freelance interior architect, content creator and, social media influencer based in  New York City, Mooka Srisurayotin (@thegrayhaus) is always following her heart and pursuing her dreams endlessly. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelors of Interior Architecture, Mooka has achieved a perfect styling combination, with the Influence of New York culture, architecture and, interior design.
"I actually moved to London last year, as I wanted to pursue a Masters degree in Architecture at the Bartlett." is her project page, where she showcases and documents her creative ideas about her work and life. Travelled to many countries and destinations, countless of creative work generated, I think it is about time you get to know more about this creative talent – through the eyes of X NIHILO:

What bring you to the study of Interior Architecture and Architecture?

My passion for art and design began while growing up in Bangkok. Where I was mostly raised by my Japanese father, whose career as a computer engineer, inspired my early interest in a non-traditional exploration of art. I soon realised that Thailand did not have the opportunities I sought as a young woman  – the interest of a career in architecture. In 2011, I became an exchange student in the USA where I later completed my BFA in Interior Architecture from Columbia College Chicago.
I have always viewed architecture as not only as its functionality but a theoretical art that shapes our (everyday) lives. These fields of work continue to challenge me to develop new ideas, discover new tools and materials, and identify alternative methods of critical thinking and research.

Being a freelance interior architect, what is your most prideful project? 

I don’t have a distinct project that I'm most proud of yet, as I am still working on my Master degree. However, one of the biggest projects I assisted on was a FENDI store in Soho, New York.

Do you have any suggestions and advice for young professional interior architects?

As a young professional interior/ architectural designer myself, I would advise you keep yourself inspired and motivated by various disciplines, not only art, fashion and design but be conscious of our surroundings, (with global issues, social sciences, politics etc). These subjects have given me a unique way to develop my creative process while allowing me to express my artistic vision and bring my innovative mindset to the world.
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