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Stuck for outfit ideas? Losing motivation? Unsure how to style that leather jacket you just bought? @theversastyle is your solution! Annette is the curator of this incredible life-saving Instagram page, providing pictures of simple but chic outfits to help you get out of your fashion funk. Started in 2014, Annette’s account shows how you can transform that basic white t-shirt or faded denim jacket into a head-turning outfit, combining wardrobe staples and statement pieces to create an effortless (and usually monochromatic) style.

Have you always been interested in fashion? Do you have any childhood memories of dressing up/putting on fashion shows? 

Pretty much since kindergarten or maybe even younger I’ve always loved getting dressed and thinking about what to wear. I remember never liking anything too bright either. I cried when I was about 4 when my mom made me wear a pink sweatshirt with green polka dots.
And since my mom and aunt were designers, I was watching fashion shows probably before I was watching cartoons. I definitely like certain designers and styling early on.

How did the idea to create an Instagram account for your style come about?

I started a blog a few years before Instagram so it was natural evolution. I was really attracted to the format of it as it was based on photos, which is the part I enjoy. I hated trying to write out paragraphs for the blog posts.

How has your style evolved over the years?

It’s gone through the trends but now I focused on what I really like to create a signature look. I also choose pieces that I can wear a lot, are really versatile and that I won’t get bored of quickly. It’s like my version of classic and classic doesn’t get old.

 What are your go-to fashion pieces at the moment? 

Dr. Martens are definitely a go-to currently and anything houndstooth or tweed.

 Has this account become a full-time responsibility? What do you do when you need a break from it?

It can be nonstop but I try not to let it take over my life. It’s about balance. Some days or weeks I am on Instagram endlessly and other days I just give myself a break to recharge.

Besides fashion, what are your other interests? 

I actually love science and history. I don’t have much time anymore to read books and articles lately so I have Youtube videos on while I edit photos or on Instagram. I also love fitness, cooking, exploring new food and photography. I love taking pictures to print out and frame again rather than to post.

What is your favourite part of running this account?

All the amazing people I get to connect with. It’s led me to a lot of friendships and opportunities I could never have imagined.

Is there any aspect that you find particularly challenging? 

Trying to always be inspired and having time for everything. I have a full time job and do freelance work on top of my Instagram so it’s challenging juggling it all sometimes.

 What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start a fashion based account? 

Do it because you really love fashion or photography. It’s a lot of work so you have to have the passion for it. Also, create your own original point of view and be yourself. 

Okay, most important question… which is your favourite X NIHILO bag?  

Hands down the Eight. It’s so versatile, easy to carry and really has room for everything.
Bags of Love,

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