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Every year we come to Mothers day celebrating the amazing lady who gave birth to us but most importantly admiring the work this special lady has achieved in her life both personally and professionally. I’m not a mother myself but running my own bag business, X NIHILO is like my child and I don’t know how one could manage a “business child” as well as “human child” or even two like the lady you will soon to hear more about!

I have come across a lot of women during my business journey. And to be inspired by these women is the best part of what I do. Often when I learn about their stories and lifestyle, I’m amazed and lost for words. I can simply enjoy the look on their face that only a mother would have – loving, passionate, strong and determined.

Keep reading as we introduce you to Kristin Fisher. Which may perhaps act as a reminder that you are due for an eyebrow appointment!  

Kristin is the Founder and CEO at Kristin Fisher Eyebrows, known for their refined and delicate art of customised brows. Their Brow Artists carefully analyse your face to design a brow that will enhance your features and compliment your complexion and colouring. Catering to a diverse range of men and women of all ages and ethnicities, some have even travelled across the globe to visit this salon.

 Before becoming a mum, what did you do?

I was working full time to grow my company. My life changed when I became a mum as I had to take a step back in my company so that I could enjoy time with my children. I’m so glad I took the time off to be with them in their first year before going back to work. Plus I was too sleep deprived anyway to be doing brows!!

Many mums have dreams they never pursue, what advice would you give them?

You must try to pursue them. Even if it is slowly, it is important to not live with any regrets.
You won’t know unless you try!!

What mom blogs have helped you navigate life as a mother?

I love @notsomumsy @bondimumma @taradixon 

What advice would you give a mum who’s been in the game for a while and would like to become a #bossmum?

DO IT! Work hard, ask for help and remember it takes time.

What tips would you give aspiring mommy bloggers, vloggers or influencers?

Be authentic! Be true to yourself and don’t try and make life look perfect. Life with kids is mental – have fun with it!


Heaps of love,

Jessi from the X team

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