When Vegan Food Meets Vegan Bag

As the human population rapidly increases, businesses are racing to make it in the food and retail business. This race sometimes means other beings are treated in an unethical manner.

It is very fortunate that a wave of people have come to realize the importance of respecting the wellbeing of other creatures, as evident in the rise of vegan culture. The culture builds its foundation upon trust between the communities; between people and businesses within industries, especially food and retail.

 With the firm philosophy of establishing trust and ethical treatment, healthy eating, Serotonin Eatery was born. Emily Hazell, the founder of the cafe, values the principles of vegan culture. She embraces the idea of ethical eating that fuels not only the body but also the mind and soul. 

She established the cafe with her passion and love for people and the community in mind. Here she has created a hub that is driven by a combination of ethical and scientific conduct with a strong sense of personality, authenticity, and love.

Our vegan Eight Bag series reflected the same thought processes. We highly value the importance of ethical production and operations, hence creating products that do not only make us look good but also make us feel good about the footprint we are leaving behind.

The X NIHILO team believes in a fashion line that radiates impact. With the vegan Eight Bag series, we strive to create products that can reflect both outer and inner beauty. We hope that with these products at the starting line, we can influence more and more people to shift their perspective to ethical production.

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Cheers to more great things ahead!

Heaps of love,

Emily from the X team

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