Congratulations Kylie Jenner! - A woman of perseverance

A slightly different blog outtake from us, but this is definitely a world trending topic that we find intriguing and inspiring.

Beauty Queen, Kylie has grown up in the public eye, showcasing her life to the world… but for the past 9 months she has been very private, which was a big shock for her fans/followers. With rumours, assumptions and criticism circling around her, what is so intriguing is that she never once decided to give into the media. She had the strength and ability to pursue a private pregnancy, away from the public which we believe is a much more healthier outtake. She did so well.

At the age of 20, she had punched and kicked away negativity and pursued her long dream of becoming a mother, and lets not forget also running her own cosmetics brand. And THAT is what is so inspiring about this story.

The beauty of this journey is that as fans and followers of Kylie, we can see that even one of the most famous people in the world go through their own battles. And well… she most definitely pushed through and took control of her own life. We can take this on board, to understand that we as people have the ability to take control of our own lives, to achieve our owns goals, persevere through hardship. Happiness and success is around the corner, patience and tolerance is your best friend.


Motherhood is a wonderful journey, and we wish Kylie & Travis the best with their new baby girl. We definitely did shed a couple tears in the office watching her dedication video on Youtube!

Let us know your thoughts about the #trending topic of the day. Did her video capture your emotions too?

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