Dress to impress on your romantic date.

The day for lovers and romantics... Pancake day! Mark it in your calendars ladies and gentlemen, you won’t forget; it’s the day before Valentine’s day.

You’ve got the lovers and haters of Valentine’s day, in other words the couples and singles. But there’s more to this day than just a couples romantic night out, it’s the day where all the singles come out as well! So it’s a great day, and a win win for everyone.

It’s the night you want to look your best, to impress your significant other or significantly impress others. Here’s our X NIHILO guide on how to do so, keeping it nice and simple, with a splash of glamorous:

Going with the basics.

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a neutral colours, all you need to do is add a touch of colour! Wear a bold colour lipstick or coordinate your accessories. Now that’s keeping it effortless.

Bold and beautiful

Bring out your most eye-catching piece of clothing; I’m talking bright colours that pop! You want their jaws to drop, and it will be all eyes on you in the room. It’s the bold that is the most beautiful. I’m simply saying, go big or go home!

Whether you’ll be going out on a date or hitting the streets with your girlfriends, wear what makes you feel most confident in. Your beauty shines through your confidence, but let’s also add a dash of sass for the night!



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