Fashion Week Essentials!

Fashion week is just around the corner and we can already feel the fashion buzz spreading around town.

Will Gucci still be every influencer go to accessory or are the Princeton slipper and double G belt not a thing anymore?

Retro sunglasses had made a comeback with pink, orange and yellow tinted lenses being the edgiest aspect of anyone's outfits, will these sixties vibes feature again.... we really hope so!

And the hair, what will be the style, cut, colour that we will shamelessly try and spend a ridiculous amount of money on all for it to be boring after 3 weeks?

We may not be able to answer these questions yet... stay in tuned for our recap, but we have had enough experience at Fashion week to know what you need to know if you want to look like a Fashion Week Veteran.  

The bag:

Will make or break the outfit so dear god do not skimp here! Actually, we recommend spending more on the bag than anything else cause if the arm candy looks expensive then everything else will! This is our area of expertise, so trust us on this! Our Eight Mini bags are mini, but don't be fooled! They will be the right fit for all your FW essentials. 

The makeup:

Less is always more because unlike most events Fashion Week really doesn't care about your face, it is always about the clothes. Often the best street styles are those whose face is covered with big sunglasses, their hair or chunky jackets.

Least but not last is hydration. Not only for your body's sake but also your skin! Instead of filling up your bag with heavy creams and awkwardly big tubs of moisturisers, we strongly recommend a moisturising spray! You can use it through the day to hydrate and refresh your face or make up. Check out our pick - Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs & rosewater. 



Between some amazing outfits and celebrity spottings, you will want to have some serious battery power so If your phone is unreliable...leave it in your bag; Bring a camera you can relay on and get snapping.

Owning the right equipment for amazing shots is probably one of the hardest tasks ahead of you before FW. It’s one of the coolest, yet one of the most frustrating parts of being a blogger, right? 

If you’re just shooting outfits, food, or just general lifestyle shots, you likely don’t need a full frame camera, so we recommend you get your hands on a medium price range Canon EOS 60D. Great investment for beginners!


We mentioned before that it's the accessories that will make or break your FW looks, but lets not underestimate the power of a great pair of jeans or a designer jacket. One minute it's hot, the next .. its hailing. As the summer is not here yet (unfortunately) the weather can be wild and unpredictable so we put our minds to work, did some research and voila!  Here are some inspirations that will make your transeasonal choices easier.


















Critiquing the designs with your best Bitch Face: 

A FW veteran would know that smiling does not exist on the runway. If we all want to channel our inner Anna Wintour then it's time to find your biggest sunglasses and sternest face known to man. Keep your thoughts to yourself whether you are VIP or hidden right at the back, it's the only time you can make successful famous designers sweat.


And now its finally time to be judgy and why wouldn't you when you are looking your absolute finest!

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