Metallics Take Over

We are excited to announce the release of the exclusive metallic silver and gold limited editions for Eight & Eight Mini.
After being shown at VAMFF earlier in the year HQ have been receiving high volume of requests and messages for these unique and statement pieces and it is worth the wait!

What makes these pieces different and so special is that for this exclusive limited edition collection we chose to use crafted mirror vegan leather, a first for X NIHILO.

“We were excited to be using Vegan leather for the first time but we really wanted to distinguish it from the rest of the collection, as this is a very different approach to any other materials that we have used before and as soon as I saw them I knew straight away the colour and the materials were the right decision”   – Jenny Hsieh, Founder of X NIHILO

With its rise in popularity, the term ‘Vegan’ has been often used in many different contexts across fashion and lifestyle. We all know that ethical is the new black, but for us, its more than just a trend. It was a no brainer, however the challenge was not only in providing our customers with a vegan product that they have been asking for so long now, but also in distinguishing and incorporating it seamlessly into the rest of our collection. 
Its time to leave the winter blues behind, come out of your food coma and get ready for spring. You can now stop researching and spotting trends on catwalks, the answer is here, and we have got it! 

This product does not contain any animal materials and is Vegan Approved by PETA Australia. 

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