The F*** it Factor with FIGTNY

There are enough articles out on the net that supposedly have the key steps to becoming a successful blogger.

  1. Find your niche
  2. Determine your audience
  3. Add value
  4. Be original, interesting, yourself blah blah blah

All these steps sound simple enough but finding an original idea in the beginning is hard to do, when it seems every idea has been taken. Fashion especially has exploded onto the blogging scene, as many self-acclaimed fashionistas strive to create a glamorous fashion career, by posting perfectly styled pictures of themselves wearing carefully thought out outfits.

We have previously spoken about how choosing a minimalist approach to fashion has created some blogging stars like Jiawa Liu and Andy Scinger but one hash tag search of #monochrome, #denim, #stripes or #minimalist and you will find that there are another few thousand girls trying to do the same thing.

Michaela Babuskova of F*** It… Going to New York! joins the elite squad of top minimalist fashion bloggers that have taken over the online scene. She is one of the few that consistently sticks to a monochromatic theme throughout her entire feed. But even with a repetitive style, she keeps each image looking fresh, exciting and totally re-postable.


European born, Michaela was inspired to create FIGTNY when she moved to New York with her husband. Founded in January 2014, FIGTNY has become a daily journal of Michaela’s style, obsessions, inspiration and the details that make up her everyday life. In only 3 years the site has quickly grown on social media and now her images are constantly being re-pinned, tumbled and re-grammed daily!

She defines her style as

 ‘I love neutral and monochromatic tones - I am quite minimal when I accessorize so I want them to have impact... All of my favourite styles have these elements.'   -Michaela for Ken Walker 


There is so much focus on the body and beauty on Instagram that Michaela’s feed is a refreshing singular point of view as she chooses to keep her physical appearance out of the picture. With a majority of her pictures entirely focused on her outfits, Michaela becomes a mystery figure to her followers, whilst successfully inspiring girls to create stylish looks.  
Recently on the radio, a popular Australian socialite commented how showing skin and nudity is the only way to go if wanting to become a social media starlet. Obviously, this is not true and shouldn’t be on the list of “how to become an Instagram star”, so it is comforting to see incredible women like Michaela simply using their creativity and passions to build a successful blogging career.

Michaela and X NIHILO have shown great support for each other over the last year and she never fails to style our bags with the most incredible outfits, not that we are ever surprised, have you seen her website?

For blog followers, it can always be degrading when their favourite writer's outfit costs more than their monthly wage, so to connect with a wider audience she matches designer with fast fashion to show just how easy it is to look good without having to drain the bank account. Pairing Gucci with H&M, Chloe and Levis as well as introducing her 330K followers to a number of hidden treasures found online is what makes her stand out from the crowd.

Going back to the beginning checklist, there is no hiding that Michaela ticks each of the boxes needed to become a lovable blogger. She is the epitome of cool, a natural trend setter and we cannot wait to see how she evolves the black & white look in the future. 

all images are from @figtny


One of the few really consistent bloggers who never seems to get it wrong. Love her style and modesty – so refreshing.

Louise June 25, 2020

I totally love her. Even though it is even more fascinating that she keeps her personality… to a large extent away from the blog. She has been a great source of inspiration to me.

Winifred April 03, 2018

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