Runaway in Beige

It would be fair to say that the current minimalist look is making dressing ourselves in the morning a lot easier…well not totally stress-free but definitely less daunting than usual. Shades of black, grey, white, beige and nude have taken over our social media feeds, magazines and runway.

Now that we know these colours work every single damn day and night, rain, hail or shine, it’s time to thank the fashion influencers that are teaching us one Instagram picture at a time how to make such simple pieces a show stopper!

28 year old Australian, Jiawa Liu has taken her love for minimalism and has built a successful career as a fashion influencer in a short period of time. At this point, it is often easy to assume that Jiawa is simply another privileged blogger who simply begun writing because she owned a few Chanel bags but that assumption should stop right here.

She’s a lawyer, blogger, photographer and a fashionista who has built up a resumé that many could only dream of! Reminder - she is only 28...


After moving to Canberra from Perth for work, she pieced her interest in fashion and writing to start a blog for no other reason than to simply pass the time in beautiful but quiet Canberra. Her motto in life is “empowering you to design that perfect minimalist life and signature personal style” and has ensured her personal style is reflected accurately both online and on the streets.

Thanks to social media the importance of style have escalated to new heights, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford to be buying new statement pieces regularly to keep up with the trends. The purpose of Jiawa’s blog Beige Renegade is to be used as an online source for style and lifestyle inspiration for the minimalist look. The look many women like to dress as it reflects a great taste in fashion but also means you can afford to brunch on a Sunday. 


“Being a Beige Renegade is being the master of living, dressing and thinking simply (and powerfully), of taking pleasure in the small, the few and the best, and of being you, and the best you. It’s the you that isn’t ruled by what the magazines tell you to think, do and buy; the you that doesn’t hide your flaws, but turns them into your strengths; the you that always knows what to wear, not because you have flawless style, but because you have a signature style. This is the manifesto of a minimalist life – a #BeigeLife.” - Jiawa Liu


A quick glance at her Instagram or website is a clear indication as to why she has been such a success worldwide. With a 210k following on Instagram and a consistent readership on her website, Jiawa has been exposed to all the perks of being an influencer. This means being invited to fashion shows, working with renowned magazines VOGUE Australia & Grazia and being able to travel to the most beautiful places in the world, creating #slaying content for her website and all her collaborations.

Here at The X Room, we love Jiawa's style because she shows us how to create exciting pieces with minimal effort. As much as she wears a lot of faded shades she always includes a pop of colour to keep her style fresh and different, something we should all be learning to incorporate in our own wardrobe! 

Recently, Jiawa brought her luxe spin on the minimalist style to Paris bringing along our favourite Bank Black bag to create her coolest editorial yet. We are absolutely drooling over her choices to use such bold colours to contrast the faded stone shades that Paris is renowned for! We love it so much so that we've booked a one-way ticket to Paris with only a pair of blue jeans and a pair of pumps in the suitcase... and by we've booked, we mean in our imagination where we don't have to work and money is not an issue (crying real Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking ball' tears right now).

Golden Yellow has come hot straight off the runway and is the next must have in your summer or winter wardrobe! This feature by WGSN, explains why influencers like Jiawa are going jello for yellow! This recent expedition to Paris had Jiawa experimenting with faded blues, golden yellow tones and vibrant red to create some happiness to drown out the winter blues. With so much colour involved she incorporated our most loveable bag, Bank Black to refine her entire look and remind us of how keeping it simple will always be the right way to go. 

But maybe this is what the purpose of Beige Renegade is: To find our own refined style, become inspired, buy the looks and run away to Paris with a Bank in hand. If so, we can handle that! 

Une fille peut rêver (a girl can dream) 



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