Grammy Award's 2018 - Our Review

So the glamorous Grammy award show happened over the weekend, and my oh my did this year pull through with the outstanding performances and beautifully crafted outfits!! 

It is definitely the hottest topic this week, especially Kesha’s heart wrenching performance of “Prayer” and Kendrick Lamar’s electrifying stage production.

This years outfits and their designs were amazing… but not to mention some not so amazing. I feel like this year, it was all about the frills, shimmer and glammed up pant suits. 

Eve in my eyes killed the carpet this year; she took the pantsuit and shimmer, and put them both together!

Following the pant suit trend and also killed it: Janelle Monae and Anna Kendrick.

Chrissy Teagan is my WCW, pregnant with her second child and still looking as beautiful as ever. And if you follow her on Instagram, I was in tears of laughter. If you don’t, you need to jump on that bandwagon.

Lana Del Rey… Lana Del Rey… Her dress was as sweet as her personality. There was just something angelic about her attire. Even though Cardi B took the leap to dress like an angel, Lana Del Rey definitely took that crown.

But my battle for the BEST DRESSED, is between Lady Gaga and Camilla Cabello. The Just Dance pop star rocked a Gothic like wedding dress, but there was something quite mesmerizing about her outfit and make up. Up and coming Havana singer Camilla came in RED HOT, taking a little twist on a classic prom dress.

Can we also touch base on PINK! She is one of Australia’s favourite artists, but I was a little confusing on her outfit direction, I’m going to look at it as art.


I could go on and on about the Grammy’s, to talk about the award winners (I love you Bruno), men’s fashion etc… but let’s keep it clean and simple.

Let us know who was your best dresses celebrity on the red carpet, and who was worst dressed?

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