How to style Bank Series

<Lets talk about the design>

Structured silhouette like a perfectly ironed shirt with starch applied. Think crisp and fresh! The Bank bag gives a professional look without being too serious – naturally and organically incorporates into your professional life.
If your usual work attire is black, white, grey and navy, it helps to have a well-designed bag to tie your look together. It also helps to have an item that “sparks joy” #mariekondo when you needed a break at your desk, recharge and power through the TDL #todolist.
Understated but the key design details that makes this bag – it is designed so that there are no hardware visible and large panels of leather – giving it a clean, minimal and elegant look.
And of course, a work appropriate bag for the modern women has to fit a laptop and your daily essentials. The spacious compartment can be adjusted to fit a 13” laptop; the remaining will comfortably house your wallet, keys, compact and perhaps a few lipstick/s – I carry one too many - guilty as charged.
The tassels is my favorite feature on this bag – really is what makes it. Adding femininity and quirkiness to a workbag – posh. Making it serious enough for work but also able to polish up my casual outfits on the weekend. Occasionally change it up by removing the tassels and replace with one of the Hermes twilly scarf.

<Now, lets talk about size >

The Bank series is available in 2 sizes, the original size as image above comes in 4 colours; black, navy, Oak and grey. And a cute mini size offered in a black and white colourway with a sporty look for those perfect sartorial moments.
If you are not aware of the “personalization service” offered by X NIHILO – you are missing out big time! Unlike your generic stamping or printing, all the personalization from X NIHILO are painted by hand – uniquely, individually and made to order. To add to my feel good factor on pampering myself with a beautiful bag, X NIHILO donates 10% of the profit for personalized orders to One Girl – charity that supports education for girls is Africa – it’s got my name on it – literally!

<Lets talk about #OOTD>

Work outfits are no longer just about the traditional suiting, but enviably it still looks ubercool. Hate it or love it, you can always easily vamp up our outfit with divine accessories – women of quality, tick!
 Better yet, the last thing I want to worry about is changing my bags after work or on the weekend to suit different attire. The Bank bag is extremely versatile in terms of styling. Pair it with jeans and hoodie for that minimal and vogue vibe and I’ve got the images to make my point – understated yet eye catching.
The tote design is always a favorite choice but often lack security with an open top and size too big. Yes it does fit EVERYTHING you need (and don't nee) but massively reduce the elegant appearance of the design.
 The Bank bag is designed with a slightly narrower top and structured outlines. Even when paired with your lazy jumper it doesn’t look lazy at all ;p
Even feels complete when paired with baggy sports lux vibe.
<Life is not black and white>
“Will I struggle with matching this bag with more colourful pieces?”
“Being colourful is my thing, and I don’t work in a office, will it suit my wardrobe?”
I say “100%”!
A classic IT bag would not do it justice if it didn’t come in different colour options. Another popular colour would be the Navy. I see it as a “summer black”.
For your insta-worth images without a colourful wardrobe; blending contrast colour palettes with your surroundings like the image above or same tone matching is just as visually effective.
The Tan colourway provides a lux and feminine vibe. X NIHILO embrace slow fashion and intentionally making reasons redundant from design through to the selection of colours. This carefully selected tan will take you from winter to summer non stop all year round. Only thing it will stop is the traffic ;p
Be playful and try incorporating colours from the nature (cream, tan, brown, mint and khaki) and you will be surprised – literally anything goes.

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