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Handbags are an essential part of a women’s wardrobe. We express who we are to the world through our personal style and the choice of what handbag we wear is one key way.  Our team have done some serious research to identify the perfect arm candy based on your zodiac sign. Let us know if our bagscope predictions are accurate for you!

@nini.do 25 March


21 March - 19 April 
Aries are very bold, ambitious and sophisticated individuals. Similarly, their arm candy should reflect this. Our classic, and iconic Bank bag in tan is the perfect bag for the woman on the go, fully functional and versatile. Perfect for the uncomplicated Aries who are always on the move, whether organising a night out or running to make their 8am yoga class.

@charlottebridgeman 27 April


20 April  - 20 May
A Taurus loves luxury - as an earth sign they know the value of a dollar. Living life at their own pace, they are usually always running late! The bull represents their celestial spirit animal, they enjoy relaxing and chilling out when possible. Therefore, the Eight mini will complete a Taurus' wardrobe! As an everyday tote bag, you can fill with your daily essentials and run out the door with your morning coffee.


21 May – 20 June
Known for being the "Jack of all trades, master of none." This phrase encapsulates the essence of Gemini energy as Geminis are constantly juggling a variety of different hobbies, friendship groups and career goals. They are ruled by the planet mercury making them fast, witty and talkative. They are social butterflies hence our Eight mini black is the perfect companion for our booked and busy Geminis.  




21 June  – 22 July
Cancers have a very gentle nature, love feeling comfortable and secure. Simple and functional designs appeal to Cancer signs. Therefore, the Eight canvas perfectly fifits this description. Its soft nappa leather and gold hardware create the perfect everyday bag for the girl next door.


23 July – 22 August
Leos are the celebrities of the zodiac signs, they are astrological divas! They love lavish affairs, designer everything and VIP parties. Their celestial spirit animal is the lion, who are born leaders and trail blazers. The arm candy made for our Leo’s is our bold, statement piece Hardy. This bag will definitely steal the spotlight at any event.


23 August  – 22 September
Virgos are a logical, practical, and systematic bunch. They are analytical thinkers, processing information like a supercomputer, organising data into clear and concise concepts. They are looking for a functional and practical accessory. The Hustler black perfectly embodies a Virgo in a bag, durable, practical and reliable.


23 September – 22 October
Libras are associated with balance and harmony. They are obsessed with symmetry and attempt to create balance in all areas of life. The ideal bag to represent Libra’s is our Bank mini as it is symmetrical design would make any Libra fall head over heels. 


23 October  – 21 November
Scorpios are well-known for being incredibly passionate beings. They have an enigmatic nature which is seductive, enchanting and irresistible to many. Our Eight mini in khaki is the perfect partner for these queens of seduction.


22 November  – 21 December
You’ll typically find a Sagittarius with their nose in a book, always on a quest for knowledge and to expand their horizons. These wanderlust personalities are always on the lookout for their next adventure. The ideal travel companion is our Chaser mini bucket bag for their next voyage.




22 December – 19 January
Once a Capricorn sets a goal they will overcome whatever stands in the way and won’t let anything distract them from ticking it off their list. This boss lady attitude is encapsulated in our Milford seriesa new kind of bucket bag. With squared-off base for structure that is perfect for everyday.


20 January  – 18 February
The most humanitarian astrological sign. Usually described as free-spirited and eccentric, Aquarius are characterised by their trend-setting fashion sense, unusual hobbies and nonconformist attitude. Our Eight mini gold would appeal to any Aquarius as it has a unique shape and many unique ways to wear it.



@krsikapamarija 16 March


19 February  – 20 March 
Pisces are known to be calm, and very positive. As a water sign they are all about feelings and are prone to getting caught up in their emotions. They embody the soft tones of our Bank in grey. Outstanding, lustrous, and capable of anything.

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