Introducing the YOU Campaign

X NIHILO's latest campaign highlights bold women who are paving the way for a change. Throughout the campaign, we will be featuring intimate interviews with women who are all different yet inspirational in their own right


We created the hashtag #AllYouAre to celebrate all women who come from different walks of life yet who share the same attitude to be unapologetically themselves. To be #AllYouAre is to be loud, proud and confident in our differences which make us unique. We encourage you to participate in our campaign and tag other inspiration women with #AllYouAre, and they might just get their own interview as well. 

Our Contribution- Here at X NIHILO have partnered with two amazing organisations that share our vision to empower women.

The Malala Fund was founded by Pakistani female education activist Malala Yousafzai. The project supports girl's education projects in the most vulnerable communities across the globe. They seek to advocate for resources and policy changes, invest in developing country educations leaders and organisations and amplify girl's voices. To learn more about the Malala Fund, click here   

Let Girls Learn is an initiative founded by Michelle Obama in 2015 that addresses the range of challenges preventing adolescent girls from attaining a quality education that empowers them to reach their full potential. Let Girls Learn combines the necessary political will, diplomacy, grassroots organising, and development expertise to create lasting change. To learn more about Let Girls Learn, click here

We believe these organisations are doing great things to inspire women to be agents of change, and to support them we will be donating 10% of sales in the month of May. The campaign is a celebration of diversity, as well as a call for women to be bold, be brave and be #AllYouAre.

"Knowledge is a gift that must not be taken for granted. Let Girls Learn and Malala Fund are two champions helping us do what we can to provide girls with wings” - Jenny Hsieh Founder & CEO

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