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As someone living in Melbourne, I am shamefully behind in the healthy, fitness lifestyle that has really taken shape in the last few years. Seen constantly on social media are the green smoothies, matcha lattes, smashed avocado brunches, and the daily gym tags on Instagram stories, that would put anyone trying to make the change to a healthy lifestyle to shame. For us, Joanna Pellegrino is someone who is making the transition into that lifestyle a little bit easier and more realistic.

joanna x nihilo leather bag bank tan

Joanna is wearing Bank bag in Tan at Prahan market | photo by @karensong_photography
 Joanna’s Instagram page @joannapellegrino is refreshing – and incredibly beautiful. As a Food and Nutrition student, Joanna focuses on promoting an easy-to-manage, healthy lifestyle with her golden mantra #eatmoreplants. Her feed is full of vibrant, hearty, healthy food that looks amazing, and I have no doubt tastes amazing as well.
joanna x nihilo leather bag eight canvas joanna x nihilo leather bag eight canvas
Eight canvas bag for grocery shopping | photo by @karensong_photography

 Through her Instagram feed, she has created ‘highlight stories’, making it easier for her followers to navigate what they are ideally looking for and hoping to get out of visiting her Instagram page. My favorite of her highlight stories, Nutrition, is incredibly informative and helpful in learning about the different benefits each ingredient has. It’s done in such a raw and organic way and with love behind it which is what makes it so appealing to someone who has always put other things before eating healthy.

joanna x nihilo leather bags eight canvas
Eight canvas bag through the plants & pots | photo by @karensong_photography

 Her Food story is not only helpful, but it’s so visually appealing (healthy food has never looked so good!). It provides someone like me, who is not all that equipped in the cooking sector, with ideas on what to cook and what ingredients to purchase in order to create a healthy meal. Her approach isn’t pushy or preaching unrealistic lifestyle changes, instead, it suggests small healthy changes that could be incorporated into anyone’s daily routine quite easily.

joanna x nihilo leather bags earnest joanna x nihilo leather bags eight canvas earnest
Eight canvas bag & Ernest totebag | photo by @karensong_photography

  Joanna shares her lifestyle with her followers so we chose to invite Joanna to come shopping with us. In order to create beautiful, healthy food, you need ingredients, and what better location to do so than the Prahran Market with our X NIHILO bags in tow.

Joanna and Jenny (X Nihilo founder) | photo by @karensong_photography
Heaps of love,
Jessica Venten from the X team

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