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I believe nothing is more important than supporting and educating young women so that they can go forward with the skills and knowledge to make a difference. It is so important to have female leaders as role models for women to see that it is possible.
Recently I’ve had the privilege of meeting and speaking with the intelligent and inspiring Jennifer Brodeur. A female entrepreneur, skin guru and wellness warrior, who started her career with a background in chemistry and biology, before making her mark in the beauty industry and creating her ever-expanding beauty empire.
With a strong belief in working in an ethical and organic manner, Jennifer has a lot of valuable knowledge to share with young females who are ready to make their mark on the world. Her products and services are merely an extension of herself, as her brand is centred on her positive, empowering vibes and messages.

"we have to empower each other"

She possesses all of the qualities a successful entrepreneur should have. Jennifer is empowering, intelligent and compassionate. With traits like these, it’s no surprise that she is able to maintain relationships and create such a strong bond with her clients and the people she meets, which happen to be some of the world’s most powerful women including Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

 I was lucky enough to speak with Jennifer over brunch, alongside Jenny our founder, and Karen our photographer.
Jenny and Jennifer appeared to hit it off immediately and I was honored to be in the presence of two such inspiring women who both instantly connected over their shared values. Not to mention, Jenny is a skincare junkie and the Peoni range has become her holy grail. Both women are strong characters with a vision for empowering women and supporting women in business. I was mesmerised and a bit overwhelmed just by observing their interaction, and I was honoured to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this experience.
Jennifer spoke openly about her experience on dealing with the judgment of others for life choices she made that were perceived as different, such as marrying and having children at an early age and dealing with criticism within the beauty industry.
I admired the passion she demonstrated when speaking about how businesses should be ‘inclusive’, ‘embrace diversity,’ and ‘love their clients.’ I know that this is an essential aspect in transforming the workplace into a welcoming and encouraging environment for everyone.

"Happiness is what makes you beautiful" 

I took so much out of my experience in meeting Jennifer.
I left feeling inspired and motivated to succeed in my chosen path without worrying about the opinions of others.
As Jennifer said,

“attract people who love you for who you are.”

I hope all of you readers can take something away from this, and go forward with the confidence to make ‘authentic’ choices, and be inspired to do something great.
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Heaps of love,

Mikaela from the X team

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