Live like a Queen

This June, we get inspired by the Queen’s life and the lessons we can learn from her. We all have had the dream, at least once in our lives, to be a princess and become a queen. But with or without a crown, you can still live like a queen. Pulling from the 65 years of Queen Elizabeth being queen, here are the ways to treat yourself to live the life of royalty! 

1. Be bold

Wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you. Bigger is sometimes better.

Being extravagant doesn’t equal being vain.



2. Dress for success

Choose your own style. Be classic. Feel yourself in whatever you wear.

Wear how you feel, no matter the weather! Stay true to your style.



3. Surround yourself with loyal friends

Be around the crew who makes you feel loved. Find a crew who’s always there for you.

4. Find your favorite bag, and stick with it

Keep your favorite bag with you always. Find the perfect bag and never let go.

Find quality in your bag, E.G. if you find the one, stick with it. Quality in a bag is key.


5. Don’t be afraid of the power of your voice

Speak your mind, no matter how big the audience.

Remember that your thoughts are important.


 Heaps of love,

Jessica from the X team



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