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Maybe you have an event coming up, or maybe you have just bought an amazing new bag that you anticipate wearing quite a bit in the upcoming weeks. If you are like me and feel like you’re always indecisive when it comes time to pick what manicure you want due to all the options, perhaps you should try matching your manicure to your bags because why the heck not?

If you've followed Bronte like we do, you can't miss how she matches her bag with her nails. X NIHILO shares the same obsession so we have teamed up with the beautiful @brontemac and local lady boss Hayley from @h_nail_garden #friendsofxnihilo to create these Nails x Bags inspirations for you!
H Nail Salon is located on 171 Greville Street, Prahran, VIC 3181 - situated in a hip part of town and specialising in nail art. Literally bring a photo of your nail inspo and they will be able to create something fabulous for you.


The Neutral Abstract

With the classic & simple Eight canvas bag, Bronte chose to have fun with Picasso inspired abstract nail art style with neutral tones of tan & white. This adds a lift-me-up vibe that balances well with all our Eight series and even the Trinity in smoke would go really well with this shade.


THE monochrome magic

To all the minimalists that want to add a bit of character. How cool is this milk cow inspired combo! Black & white never go out of style and make an easy match with X NIHILO Bank bag in black, Hardy in black, Ryder in bone white, Bank mini and Hunter in black & white.



Yes, that’s right! You can have textures such as cloud print nails. Definitely a way to stand out from the crowd. We’ve paired these cloud nails with X NIHILO’s newest member, Cameron passport holder in Sky Blue - CUTE!


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Share with us your favourite nails X bags matching styles by tagging @xnihilo_official or #xnihilo and you could be featured on our Instagram.

 P.S. Mention "X NIHILO" at H Nail Salon to receive 20% off on full package (manicure + colour + nail art on all 10 fingers)

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