Own these 5 staples and never complain about having nothing to wear


If you are one of those people who constantly stand in front of a seemingly full wardrobe and yet complains they have nothing to wear, this blog is for you!
I realised a while ago that even though I seem to be constantly buying new clothes online, I always seem to struggle with this, so I decided to focus more on buying wardrobe staples and it has changed my life.
I've put together a list of what I consider to be 'wardrobe staples', so you never have to worry about having 'nothing to wear' ever again.
The plain white dress shirt. This is the thing I didn’t know I needed. You can wear it tucked into blue jeans, black jeans, dress pants, untucked, half-tucked, you can wear it with a big belt, you can dress it up with gold jewellery or dress it down. Put on some heels and nice pants and you have a gorgeous evening look. You can never go wrong. Pair it with one of our Eight Mini bags for a gorgeous work chic vibe.

 The little (and not so little) black dress. I’m sure this one comes as no surprise, as Karl Lagerfeld said, ‘One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.”. However, I have also found great use in my midi black dress similar to the one seen above on @jessicazheng, especially because I have been able to wear jumpers over it and make it look like the currently trendy slip skirts. Style it like Jessica with our Stella Bag to instantly take your outfit to the next level.

The Blazer jacket. I love a good blazer mainly because of its ability to make any outfit go from plain and casual to sophisticated in a matter of seconds. I especially am loving oversized blazers at the moment. If you are in need of blazer outfit inspo take a look above at @therubyreport styling hers with our Bank Mini bag for a full monochromatic moment.

A good pair of jeans…. need I say more? Jeans go with almost anything, wear them with sneakers for an errand. Wear them with a pair of stilettos and hit the town for an evening out. They are essentials and the best ones always last a lifetime. @dajull has styled hers with our Bank black bag for an effortlessly cool look.

A trench coat to live out all your Parisian dreams. I bought a trench coat while on holiday in Paris, and I am so happy I did. I have found myself reaching for it constantly, it can take the most chill, simples outfit and make you feel like a completely put together person. Style it with the Eight Mini Tan, worn crossbody or not it is guaranteed to complete the look.


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