Our top Holiday Destinations

Over the past few months we have been posting images on Instagram and teasing you with Facebook posts on holiday destinations, local cultures and amazing food that is trending all over the world.
We thought… What’s better than to actually do some serious research and show you all the beautiful places that are now trending all over social media. Because lets be honest, if you haven’t been seeing that trend on Instagram… there is a high chance that you are not following the right bloggers.
Greece, Canada and Denmark are on top of everyone’s ‘wishlists’. They are beautiful places with diversity, food and mixed culture. However, if you would like to go on a bit of an adventure, we have pulled out a few destinations out of our ‘bucket list’ - that are definitely once in a lifetime kinda deal. Here’s a New Year’s resolution you will be happy to keep: Go somewhere you haven’t been before.

Top of the pile is Chile. If you are the more adventurous type you won't get enough of it, as it contains some of the most extreme environments on Earth! It has been the most overlooked wonderland, however we hope in 2018, it will become one of the most desirable adventure destinations. With a wide range of ecosystems, biodiversity and topographies – we think it’s a number one destination for the outdoorsy kind. From deserts to fjords to sub-polar islands…and it only takes 15 hours to get there! 


Our next pick is a place where everyone ... literally everyone will find something they love. New Orleans - It's a home to jazz music, bourbon, sidewalk bands, Mardi Gras parades, lacy balconies and heavenly French Creole cooking (can’t stop drooling over that one! ) which reflects New Orlean's history as a melting pot of French, African and American cultures. "Let the good times roll" is the city's unofficial motto, so you can expect to have an amazing time. 

Top 3 on the X NIHILO bucket list is: Cambodia’s Southern Coast. It seems to be popping all over Instagram lately, and let me tell you... for a good reason! It’s a very underestimated destination in South-East Asia, and mostly chosen by travellers who are looking for something a bit different.


It is dotted with hundreds of tiny islands, perfect for tropical idylls. With white sands beaches lapped by clear turquoise seas it’s a no brainer for a relaxing holiday. It’s not overly populated with tourists and there are a few beautiful places to see.
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May January be a good time for you to save, save, save and plan, plan, plan. 
Until next time. 

X NIHILO team xx

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