Christmas is just around the corner, 34 days left – that’s right it’s almost time to get your advent calendar out and eat all the chocolates in one sitting. With warmer weather creeping in and air conditioners on full blast – it’s now more than ever acceptable to pull out your laptop, pour a glass of frozen prosecco and get clicking. After all it is December, which makes most shopping sprees totally justifiable and with no emotional strings attached.
To limit the time you have to spend online scrolling through countless websites and blogs in hopes of finding a decent gift that will hopefully get to you by Christmas – which we all know is sometimes more troublesome than what its worth. We have put together a ‘wishlist’ of all that we find exciting and merry for this Christmas season.
So sit back and relax, we got your Christmas covered!
Our Debby half moon clutch is a buy now forever piece. This beautiful investment piece will age beautifully over time. Geometric yet wearable, the crescent shape will have you looking fresh and classic. 
If you are looking for the one and only – you are at the right place. December marked the birth of our new extended range of the Banks. Structured without being too serious, X NIHILO's Bank means business. Perfectly sized for your on-the-go essentials.

Why are they the perfect gift? Well its not just because they are fabulous, most importantly they are functional and designed with women’s needs in mind. They original size comes in four different colours; Black, Grey, Tan & Navy.
If that doesn’t sell you on this beauty, let me introduce you to the Bank MINI. The new MINI comes in Wine – and it’s the perfect accessory for hot summer days.
Because lets be honest – we all have a slight beauty addiction. And no matter what your budget is, you will always find something satisfying.

Thisworks is perfect for busy bees who want to start over in the New Year. Prepare the body and mind for your best sleep yet. Gift to your nearest and dearest in need of some extra z's. 

Channel your inner glorious self with this bite-sized beauty haul - to nail the look of the season: the metallic gold eye. If you are having gold fever this season, pair it with out Eight Mini Gold - metallic edition, perfect for keeping your essentials handy ! 
Stay your beautiful self and keep an eye out for more news and blogs.
Happy shopping - The X TEAM xx

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