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I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news but we all new this day was coming. The Fashion week is now over and as sad as this news might be it is finally time to take away what we loved and wishlisted to our ‘must have’ list and start accumulating the new essentials!

 Fashion is being taken this year to a much more personal and emotional place. While some trends carried over from Melbourne, New York and London - the reign of the statement sleeve as well as all-over ruffles and florals—others felt shiny and new, not to mention fully Milanese because where do you find more dreamy prints, colours, and personalities than in Italy?


Milan surprised everyone this year; it really brought forward their take on colour, textured and overall good vibes. MFW was in an unusually inclusive mood this season. Fashion month started off celebrating womanhood, however further transformed into celebrations of life. The shows and designer called for unity, through slogans of courage and love. Some opted for a multi-generational and multi – racial messages. And some purely encouraged people to be their eccentric selves.
So what are the new and shinny additions to the trends we have all already seen?

Corduroy popped in New York at Marc Jacobs, however it wasn’t until Prada showed it in Italy that we have witnessed one of the biggest transformations this season. It’s a close cousin to velvet, this season we believe it will be all over jackets, pants and overalls. And yes ladies…It is here to stay!

Yes we are talking about soft leather. 80’s vibes were all over the catwalks but what caught our attention was super soft nappa leather. Theme that kept reoccurring in Milan, adding grown-up polish to numerous collections. At Tod’s, a caramel-hued two-piece looked just fabulous!
With Milan over, its now time take a train to the most magical fashion capital of the world, Paris. The shows boomed with youthful vibes this season. We saw  haute couture go through a transformation.

The top fashion houses used real life muses in their collections. It was a season of unity and acceptance. We saw youthful more innocent vibes. Everything from unicorns at Thom Browen, rainbow of sequence at Dior to rainy celebrations at Chanel.  

The designers definitely took the "more is more" approach. Paris highlighted hybrid looks that blended into one, cheerful patterns, zingy colour combos and most importantly introduced us to a season of rose-tinted love. 


This is it ladies! Fashion week is over, time to buckle up and take a trip back in time.
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