Prepare your wallet for this End of Season

This time of year marks the end of warm weather for us in Australia and for others it’s the beginning of a hot summer. It is the best time to brainstorm and prepare for you new Winter or Summer wardrobe. Here is how we are going to help you prepare to buy all your wants for the new season:


It is always best to put money aside before end of season because whether you need something, it is so tempting to just buy. Ladies, I sometimes think we need to start a shopping trust fund!

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2. Compare prices

If you already know what you want, be sure to take note of the retailers who stock your product, because when the time comes you want to be able to compare and snatch the item you have been eyeing on. If you don’t know what you want, start planning your winter/summer closet!

X NIHILO stockist - Hope & Hudson – 68 Hudson Road, Spotswood, Victoria 3015

3. Loyalty programs/Subscriptions

Sign up to all your favourite retailers, as soon as their sale starts, you’ll be the first to know! Even so, sometimes they provide exclusive discounts for members! It’s okay, you can always unsubscribe later! Subscribe to X NIHILO’s beautiful newsletters now located at the bottom of the website.

4. Get Social.

Need outfit inspiration? Where better to get it from than social media, have a look at the outfits that your favourite brands create for their images. There are so many fashion bloggers out there and their outfits are always out of this world. Literally, I just want to own a fashion bloggers wardrobe! Stalk your faves or find new faves! Head to X NIHILO Instagram account for all the inspirations you need!


I’m a well-known shopaholic, and I’m always on the lookout for new clothes and products that are on trend. When you are satisfied with your outfit, your confidence is given a boost. So be ready to swoop your faves and strut your stiff into the new season, you’ll be looking more glamorous than ever!

Best of luck ladies! Stay tuned for our X NIHILO end of season sale xx

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